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Martijn Arns, MD

Martijn Arns, MD, professor and Director of the Brains Institute at the University of Utrecht in Holland who has conducted clinical studies on the effect of lighting on humans from newborns to geriatrics.  Dr. Arns is conducting clinical experiments utilizing the WalaLight in his laboratory.

Gena Ellis

Eugenia Victoria Ellis, MD, professor at Drexel University specializing in spatial visualization and three dimensional imagining, natural light and health, visual perception and altered states of perception such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. A practicing architect at BAU Architecture, her work focuses on (eco)logical strategies for smart, sustainable buildings at the nexus of health, energy and technology.

Eugene Arnold, MD

Eugene Arnold, MD, professor emeritus of Ohio State University and an expert in child psychiatry.  Dr. Arnold has linked disrupted circadian rhythms to the severity of certain special disorders including ADHD, and has coined the term the “Three S’s” to describe 1) Too little exposure to natural sunlight, 2) Too much exposure to screens at the wrong time of the day, 3) Sleep deprivation; all leading to a disrupted circadian rhythm.

Michael Mott, PhD

Michael Mott, PhD, associate professor of teacher education at The University of Mississippi and former school teacher who has experimented with the link between lighting and student performance in classrooms.  Professor Mott found an increase in standardized test scores by third grade students to be elevated 13% by the control group of students that were exposed to bright white light mimicking daylight (6500K) compared to the control group of students exposed to low Kelvin standard fluorescent lighting.

Stan Walerczyk

Stan Walerczyk, HCLP, CLEP, , chair of Human Centric Lighting Society and principal of Lighting Wizards. 29 years experience includes distribution, maintenance, lighting retrofits, design, consulting and educating. 1100 presentations and 100 white papers & articles. Focused on Human Centric Lighting last 5 years, including specification, installation, commissioning and evaluation.

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