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WalaLight offers true circadian tunable white lighting ranging from 6500K (460nm) to 2200K powered by a Zigbee enabled mesh operating system allowing automatic scheduling of each individual WalaLight or zones or entire facilities all with UL, CSA and FCC certifications.

Your main benefits of using WalaLights in your facilities include:

  1. WELLNESS: Your residents will establish a healthy circadian rhythm allowing them to be awake and alert during the day and relaxed and sleepy at night.
  2. ENERGY SAVINGS: A 60-75% energy savings on the facilities lighting electric bill. Additional maintenance savings is provided by the 10+ year “set it and forget it” life of WalaLight
  3. MARKETING: WalaLight will differentiate you versus your competition in the market enabling you to increase healthy occupancy and possibly rates.

The WalaLight team studied years of recent brain science and then developed a LED lighting system that simulates healthy daylight and warm night light automatically. The WalaLight uses a human’s non-visual receptors in the eye to entrain the brain to release the appropriate hormones at the appropriate time to create a healthy circadian rhythm all based on the spectrum of light delivered. WalaLight is the only company that based their lighting products on brain science first.


Executive Management

Harry Zuker
Chief Executive Officer


The LED Light industry is constantly pushing for more efficient products and systems. Think about having an LED lighting system that generates just the right amount of light to suit our changing environment enabling people to reach peak performance and relaxation. That’s exactly what WalaLight™, the new patent pending Healthy LED Circadian Lighting Systems offers today.


  • Martijn Arns, MD
  • Eugenia Victoria Ellis, MD
  • Eugene Arnold, MD
  • Michael Mott, PhD
  • Stan Walerczyk, HCLP, CLEP
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