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LED Office Lighting

Walalight Office LightingThe WalaLight System, with adaptable Kelvin-changing LED lighting capabilities, offers numerous benefits for offices and all types of work environments.  This is true whether the work day spans a typical 9 – 5 schedule or operations run 24/7. Our revolutionary office LED lighting systems offer dramatic savings on energy and office maintenance costs, and enhance various aspects of the workplace environment, leading to improved productivity and worker satisfaction.

Wellness & Productivity Benefits

In addition to saving you money, using WalaLight LED ceiling light panels in offices offers additional benefits:

  • Enhanced productivity – By mimicking natural daylight, WalaLights LED office lighting systems have been shown to improve concentration, focus, attention and alertness.  The exposure to natural daylight found in human centric lighting (which many people working in offices do not get enough of), also promotes healthy sleep patterns, which can further lead to improvements in productivity.
  • Better employee satisfaction – Employees that have some measure of control over the work environment typically report increased satisfaction. WalaLights office LED lighting systems come with easy-to-use remote control operation, allowing each individual to individualize the brightness level of their own light.  People naturally feel comfortable with varying levels of brightness, and this provides a measure of control over work conditions.
  • Multi-use functionality –  In addition to allowing employees to individually control the lighting environment of their workspace, the WalaLight LED office lights allows for multi-use functionality to meet the varied needs of offices, including conference rooms, visitor lounges, break rooms and more.
  • Reduces glare – Most offices have light that is either too dim or too bright.  In an effort to brighten light, however, resulting glare can occur, which can irritate eyes, cause annoyances and even result in behavioral issues. WalaLight’s LED office lighting solutions provide brightness without accompanying glare.
  • Increased Savings Add occupancy sensors and/or daylight harvesting sensors to provide additional savings by reducing energy usage.


Economic Benefits

All WalaLight products offer substantial economic benefits for all types of offices and work environments:

  • Save up to 65% in energy costs – WalaLights LED office lighting solutions are so energy efficient that they result in savings of up to 65% in energy costs compared to traditional lighting options such as fluorescent, incandescent or CFLs. Using LED ceiling lights in offices yields a lower wattage, which reduces the load on air conditioning systems, which can further reduce utility costs.
  • Almost no maintenance required – With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or 20 years, WalaLights LED office lighting systems virtually eliminate the need for lighting replacement.  This not only saves money on maintenance costs, but also limits disruptions to the work day.
  • Short payback period – The longer lighting is left on, the quicker the payback period for WalaLights.  For offices that keep lights on for many hours per day, the payback period can be as little as a year or two, while a lifepan of up to twenty years means that there’s substantial savings still to be had.
  • Replaces all lighting types – WalaLight manufactures office LED lighting systems that can replace fluorescent tubes, high hats, down lights or can lights and can be recessed, flush-mounted or suspended on ceilings or walls. Just about any type of office lighting system can be replaced by an energy-efficient and cost-saving WalaLight LED ceiling lights.
  • No upfront costs required – No upfront costs are required to replace your current bulbs with our energy-saving office LED Lighting Systems.  By taking advantage of our monthly financing plan, you can remain cash flow positive, since your monthly cost savings will typically surpass the finance charges.
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