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Our WalaLight™ Approach

The LED Light industry is constantly pushing for more efficient products and systems. An Healthy LED Circadian Lighting Systems that generates just the right amount of light to suit our changing environment, that enables people to reach peak performance and relaxation. That’s exactly what WalaLight™, the new Healthy LED Circadian Lighting Systems offers.

The WalaLight™ is a passive adaptive LED lighting system that provides the appropriate spectrum of lighting through a smart kelvin changing technology to improve human behavior. This new model of health and human behavior control focuses on keeping people healthy in contrast to treating disorders and diseases after they develop. Careful application of this new knowledge of the biological and behavioral effects of lighting can offer significant advantages and benefits with LED lights for health.

Combine the WalaLight™ with our Bluetooth or Dali Intelligent Control System to adjust the lighting system automatically over a 24-hour period to optimize the indoor environment for ideal light exposure to have a healthy circadian rhythm.  You can program variables such as time, kelvin color change, dimming, zoned control and much more.  If you already have a Smart Building, the WalaLights™ can be controlled through your existing system if  compatible.

The Best LED Light to Promote Health and Save Money Day and Night

The WalaLight™ Healthy LED Lighting System can be used to empower your circadian rhythm allowing the necessary amount of white light and warm light to improve your wellness. Lighting has a profound effect on sleep, alertness, performance and health. The WalaLight™ Healthy LED Light technology is a breakthrough lighting panel that can be easily installed in your ceilings or walls. The system remotely and automatically adjusts the Kelvin color temperature and dimming of each light providing the same lighting conditions as daylight and nightlight while saving up to 67% of the energy versus consumed traditional lighting  with no maintenance.

WalaLight™ Systems use UL certified components, come with a 10-year limited warranty and 50,000-hour life.

Our partner in manufacturing the best circadian rhythm LED lighting spectrum is Seoul Semiconductor, a 27 year old South Korean lighting chip manufacturer among the top three manufacturers in the world. They developed the Sunlike chip that replicates the same spectrum as the sun.

Sunlike provide the comfort to your eyes

What Diseases Are Caused by Sleep Disorders?

Healthy Light

  • Healthy Light contain the value of Sun
  • Sunlight regulates the biorhythm of human which directly influence eye health also including sleep, memory and myopia.
  • Due to prolonged exposure to artificial lighting, modern people less likely exposed to the natural lights which is not beneficial

Natural Light

Exuberant in Color, Revealing True Color

Despite of wearing the same clothes, do you know why it looks different in indoor/outdoor depending on lighting? SunLike technology provides rich colors through natural light and reveal the original color. (TM30 Rf & gt; 96)
Rf (TM30 Fidelity Index): Indicates how accurately the original color is reproduced with 99 representative color indexes.

Living Light

Free-Glare Light

Have you ever experienced dazzling eye after reading a book under the desk lamp?
SunLike does not have glare due to diffuse reflection.

Three-Dimensional Light

If you look under the existing Conventional LED lights, the reflection of light is so severe that you can not see clearly.
SunLike’s characteristic is bright/vibrant so there is little diffuse reflection as well as good in revealing true perspective along with three-dimensional feeling which make the object more alive/clear.

Combination of Seoul Semiconductor’s compound semiconductor technology and Toshiba Material’s sun spectrum technology. TRI-R is sun light spectrum technology developed by Toshiba Materials

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