Why you need WalaLight?

What is WalaLight?

Healthy LED Lighting System

  • Create an Optimal Interior Environment
  • Promote Circadian Rhythm Entrainment & Wellness
  • Automated & Manual Lighting Control, Systems
  • Reduce Energy Consumption up to 85%
  • Up to 10 Year / 50,000 Hour Warranty

New in 2019 – Choose your control system

  • Zigbee wireless mesh
  • Bluetooth wireless mesh
  • Dali low voltage wired mesh
  • Add additional controls such as daylighting and motion sensors
  • Free photometric lighting analysis provided



Wala is the aboriginal goddess of light.

Australian folklore tells about Wala, the Aboriginal Goddess of the Sun. She traveled the country collecting sunlight in her magical satchel. Each morning she would open her satchel and release sunlight that lasted the entire day until the moon at night.

The WalaLight Healthy LED Lighting System, designed in North America, is a modern LED lighting technology that simulates sunshine (6500K) and can be adjusted to relaxing night light (2200K) either manually or automatically, all based on recent brain science.

One light does it all.

This revolutionary technology is the only passive light of its kind that can promote a healthy circadian rhythm.

In the cool white setting, simulating sunshine, it can suppress your melatonin growth which can make you alert and active like being outside on a sunny day.  In its warm white setting your melatonin grows making you relaxed and tired.

No need to buy multiple lights, the WalaLight System does it all.

Create an optimal interior environment.

The WalaLight System is an important part of your day if you do not get adequate exposure to natural sunlight.

This circadian lighting can be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from Season Affective Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, dementia, sleep disorders, jet lag and much more.

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