Color Tunable Lighting in Office Spaces can Increase Staff Productivity

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Human centric lighting

In an article recently released by BIZ LED, an independent LED lighting community site, explains how lighting similar to the WalaLight Healthy Lighting System has a direct impact on the productivity of the employees in office spaces. As stated in the article, “the color tunable LED luminaires, changing color temperature, and the illumination level have impact on our health.” Scientific studies have revealed that proper exposure to particular spectrums of light and darkness have a profound effect on human circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) which can increase productivity by about 20% and staff motivation can improve significantly.

The most important spectrum during the day is high Kelvin temperature (6500K) which is rich in blue light (450-460 nanometers).  Exposure to this spectrum stimulates the secretion of cortisol which serves as a wakeup call to the body, raising our core body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure from a sleep state, plays as a factor in digestion, and suppresses the secretion of melatonin, which makes you alert and productive.  At night time, the exact opposite spectrum is ideal which has little or no blue light and is low in Kelvin temperature (2200K).  With the absence of blue light the brain is stimulated to produce melatonin which is a sleeping hormone as well as a powerful antioxidant which floods the body with natural anti-cancer agents while sleeping, which makes you relaxed and helps sleep without the use of medication. With the use of the WalaLight System, a human centric lighting solution, you have the option to purchase the Intelligent Control System, which automates the lighting in office environments hands-free throughout the course of the day.

The WalaLight LED light system is the ideal color tunable LED light technology that is referred to in the article. With the ability to adjust in Kelvin temperature from 6500K – 2200K the WalaLight System addresses the needs of the human brain to have a balanced Circadian Rhythm, thus, increasing the productivity and motivation of the staff.

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