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Circadian Lighting Reduces Falls in Senior Care Homes by 43%

  11.10.2022   News / Articles

Research continues to show the benefits of circadian lighting systems, like WalaLight, for memory care, extended care, adult living facilities and adult living communities. Numerous studies have shown circadian lighting

Circadian Rhythm Lighting and Sundowners Syndrome

  3.03.2022   News / Articles

It was one of the first times I had been in a Memory Care Residence installing our Walalight Circadian Rhythm Lighting System and that is what it sounded like. The

Do Some Types of Light Help You Sleep Better?

  4.10.2021   News / Articles

You may have heard that you should avoid bright lights before bed. While this is good advice, it turns out that some colors of light may disrupt your sleep more

Our circadian rhythms are being disrupted by bright lights, health expert wants lighting revolution

  15.06.2021   News / Articles

Our circadian rhythms are being disrupted by bright lights, health expert wants lighting revolutionThis article substantiates the need for circadian rhythm lighting to promote a healthy body and environment. The


  25.02.2021   News / Articles

NONRESIDENTIAL LIGHTINGChanges to mandatory and prescriptive lighting requirements in California’s 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards California’s new nonresidential Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Standards) take effect on January 1, 2020.

Circadian Rhythm LED Lighting

  12.11.2020   News / Articles

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM LED LIGHTING for healthy human spaces, November 12, 2020 WalaLight is top rated for quality, science, controls and price See Better, Feel Better, Function BetterWHAT IS A CIRCADIAN


  26.02.2020   News / Articles

TOP TIPS TO SELECTING THE BEST CIRCADIAN RHYTHM LIGHTING SYSTEM By: Harry Zuker, CEO, WalaLight, LLC March 1, 2020 There are primary and secondary considerations when comparing and evaluating circadian

Understand Your Circadian Rhythm: How Light Affects Sleep

  13.02.2020   News / Articles

In this article Ms. Smith describes how the appropriate circadian rhythm lighting can improve our sleep but also metabolism, thyroid function, mood, and stress response. WalaLight uses this same theory

Better Daytime Lighting Improves Sleep Quality, Reduces Depression In Alzheimer’s Patients, Study Finds

Below is an article written by Jeremy Hobson and Francesca Paris that references a study identifying that better daytime lighting is beneficial to seniors with Alzheimer’s. It did fail to

Strategies For Delivering Circadian Stimulus In An Office Space While Minimizing Energy Use

Below is an article written by Charles Jarboe of the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnics Institute. In the article Mr. Jarboe discusses  why circadian light is an advantage in

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