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Rodney Smith, the Chief Technology Officer of uSaveLED and inventor of the award-winning WalaLight System, recently authored a white paper titled “Promoting Elder Wellness with Artificial Light” that is being distributed by the LINK Conference.  LINK’s mission is to accelerate productivity and innovation in long term care and senior living through meaningful partner relationships.

The paper describes the connection between light and the endocrine system, as well as the impact artificial lighting can have on the elderly.  As Smith explains, “Many elderly people lack adequate sunlight exposure.  Furthermore the lens of the eye thickens and yellows with age, resulting in a 75% reduction in light passing through the lens by age 75.  The yellowing of the lens reduces the blue end of the light spectrum where the circadian rhythm spectrum is found.  The result can be sleep deprivation and the many issues that accompany it, including depression and circulatory issues, among others.”

Smith goes on to explain that fortunately LED lighting offers the ability to better control the light being emitted across the light spectrum.  If LED light fixtures are utilized that contain both bright white and warm light diodes, such as the revolutionary WalaLight LED ceiling light panels contain, it is possible to control the type of light emitted throughout the day, delivering bright white light in the morning and then warmer light later in the day, in a similar fashion to natural daylight and darkness.  Using this type of controllable, natural light light bulbs, offers a host of benefits including promoting the wellness of residents in eldercare facilities who primarily spend most of their time indoors.

The WalaLight System was the winner of the 2014 LINK Innovation Competition.  The competition celebrates unique new products and services in the long term care and senior living marketplace.

To download the entire white paper titled “Promoting Elder Wellness With Artificial Light”, click here.

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