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Boost Productivity with Human-centric Office Lighting

Reseachers recorded an accuracy improvement of 12 per cent in an objective experiment. Additionally, the participants working in the office with the human-centric lighting found their total work performance to

Meet Harry Zuker of WalaLight in Boca Raton

  2.02.2018   News / Articles

Meet Harry Zuker of WalaLight in Boca Raton Today we’d like to introduce you to Harry Zuker. Harry, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got


  9.01.2018   News / Articles

SSL DEMONSTRATION: Tunable-White Lighting at the ACC Care Center At a residential senior-care center, tunable LED lighting provides energy, lighting quality, and possible other benefits for the residents and caregivers.

The top five benefits of LED circadian rhythm lighting

  30.08.2017   News / Articles

Imagine a bright, sunny summer day. You go outside and do your favorite activity. Maybe golfing, fishing, gardening, hiking, bicycling and so forth. You simply go outside and enjoy the

The Human Eye: A Window to Health and Wellbeing

  25.08.2017   News / Articles

The Human Eye: A Window to Health and WellbeingEUGENIA VICTORIA ELLIS, PHD, AIA AND DONALD L. MCEACHRON, PHDDrexel UniversityAlthough world life expectancy has more than doubled over the past two

Blue-free white light breaks the paradigm of circadian lighting

  25.07.2017   News / Articles

Blue-free white light breaks the paradigm of circadian lighting Non-visual receptors in humans are especially sensitive to blue spectral energy, explains AURELIEN DAVID, and the latest LED technology enables high-quality

Poor Sleep Tied to Increased Alzheimer’s Risk

Poor sleep may be an indication of increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease, a new study of older people suggests. Researchers studied 101 cognitively normal people, average age 63, who completed

Increase Student Performance

Ask yourself 1) Are you truly an innovative school making the learning atmosphere superior to others for the benefit of your students? 2) Do your ESE students get every opportunity

Increase Your Senior Living Occupancy

A prospective resident's family comes to visit your facility. In this competitive market, they have several local choices of facilities, so why choose yours?  During their tour of your facility,

Color Tunable Lighting in Office Spaces can Increase Staff Productivity

In an article recently released by BIZ LED, an independent LED lighting community site, explains how lighting similar to the WalaLight Healthy Lighting System has a direct impact on the

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