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First School in United States to use Tunable LED Lighting

  29.09.2015   News / Articles

An article recently released by Lux, the independent LED lighting review site, highlights a recent LED lighting installation at a public school located in Des Moines, Iowa.  It is very

Your Body’s Witching Hours

  3.06.2015   News / Articles

In an article recently published by the Wall Street Journal, “Your Body’s Witching Hours,” researchers explain how important it really is to have an entrained circadian rhythm for health and

White Paper Released On Promoting Elder Wellness With Artificial Light

  10.02.2015   News / Articles

Rodney Smith, the Chief Technology Officer of uSaveLED and inventor of the award-winning WalaLight System, recently authored a white paper titled “Promoting Elder Wellness with Artificial Light” that is being

Take Advantage Of The Expanded Section 179 Tax Deduction For Acquisition Of Equipment in 2014

  25.12.2014   News / Articles

The Tax Extenders Act, also known as H.R. 5771: Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014, was recently approved by the House and Senate and signed into law by President Obama. 

Study Being Conducted On How Blue Light Impacts Natural Circadian Rhythm

  10.12.2014   News / Articles

An article recently published on, a leading online news service dedicated to science, research and technology, shared information about a study being funded by the National Institutes of Health

Facts About Circadian Rhythms

  8.12.2014   News / Articles

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences has published a fact sheet about circadian rhythms that provides a wealth of information related to what circadian rhythms are and how they

Harvard Health Letter Explains The Adverse Effects Of Blue Light After Dark

  20.11.2014   News / Articles

An article published in the Harvard Health Letter about the effect of light exposure at night, and more specifically blue light, indicates that exposure to blue light such as that

Study Compares The Effects Of Blue Light and Caffeine on Alertness and Cognitive Function

  1.11.2014   News / Articles

A study by C. Martyn Beaven and John Ekstrom compared the effects of short wavelength light (blue light) and caffeine on human alertness and cognitive function.  During their experiment, the

Times Square Newswire Displays WalaLight’s

  28.08.2014   News / Articles

Innovation Award Win at LINK LTC and Senior Living Conference News of WalaLight’s first place finish in the Innovation Competition at the Lincoln Healthcare LINK Long-Term Care and Senior Living

LINK Announces Inaugural 2014 Innovation Competition Finalists

  11.07.2014   News / Articles

The LINK Conference is excited to announce the 12 finalists of its major new Innovation Competition which celebrates innovation in long term care and senior living and recognizes the new

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